10/2018 - Course of 2D-3D Printing Technologies for Ceramics and Glass

This Course and Industrial Networking will be organized inside of the V Hispano-Luso Congress in Ceramics and Glass of the Ceramics and Glass Spanish Society (SECV). The Course will take place the 11th of October 2018 in Barcelona just after the Hispano-Luso Congress.

The course will consist of five tutorial classes, in which students will have the opportunity to make contact with the latest advances in 2D and 3D printing for ceramics and glass. The innovations in technology, feedstock and products, of the techniques of additive manufacturing with great projection in the sector will be approached, such as: Fused Filament Fabrication, Robotic Molding, Light Curing, Inkjet printing or slips impression. Emphasis will be placed on the advantages of these technologies, such as the saving of raw materials, versatility and the manufacture of customized products, but strategies for the resolution of energy consumption problems and / or environmental problems derived from the use of organic solvents will also be evaluated through the implementation of soft chemistry and / or green.

For more information, please visit the Course website: http://chlcv2018.secv.es/en/tutorial - http://chlcv2018.secv.es/