Fellows shall be persons of good reputation and who shall have been a member of a national ceramic organization that is affiliated to the European Ceramic Society at least five years continuously at the established nomination deadline date when nominated. They shall prove qualified for elevation to the grade of Fellow by reason of outstanding contributions to the ceramic arts or sciences; through broad and productive scholarship in ceramic science and technology, by conspicuous achievement in ceramic industry or by outstanding service to the Society. Not more than 20 fellows will be awarded on a biennale basis.

Fellows elected on January 28th, 2013 :
  • Carmen Baudín (Spain)
  • Alida Bellosi (Italy)
  • Lennart Bergström (Sweden)
  • Jon Binner (United Kingdom)
  • Francis Cambier (Belgium)
  • Gilbert Fantozzi (France)
  • Krzysztof Haberko (Poland)
  • Stuart Hampshire (Ireland)
  • Juergen Heinrich (Germany)
  • Anne Leriche (France)
  • Hasan Mandal (Turkey)
  • Tapio Mantyla (Finland)
  • Zbigniew Pedzich (Poland)
  • Pavol Šajgalík (Slovak Republic)
  • Wilhelm Siemen (Germany)
  • Danilo Suvorov (Slovenia)
  • Richard Todd (United Kingdom)
  • Adrian Volceanov (Romania)
  • Louis Winnubst (The Netherlands)
  • Paolo Zannini (Italy)

Fellows elected on May 16th, 2013 :
  • Jean-François Baumard (France)
  • Paul Bowen (Switzerland)
  • Elis Carlström (Sweden)
  • Jose F. Fernandez (Spain)
  • Tomaž Kosmac (Slovenia)
  • Zoltán Lencéš (Slovakia)
  • Jerzy Lis (Poland)
  • Ralf Riedel (Germany)
  • James Shen (Sweden)
  • Vladimir Srdic (Serbia)
  • Omer Van Der Biest (Belgium)

Fellows elected on December 17th, 2014 :

  • Miroslav M. Bucko (Poland)
  • Roman Pampuch (Poland)
  • Agnès Smith (France)
  • Thierry Chartier (France)
  • Arturo Dominguez Rodriguez (Spain)
  • Rodrigo Moreno (Spain)
  • Peter Greil (Germany)
  • Jan Dusza (Slovakia)
  • José M.F. Ferreira (Portugal)
  • Vladimir Shevchenko (Russia)
  • Enrico Traversa (Italy)
  • Julie Yeomans (UK)