Grant for 2018 ACerS Winter Workshop

The purpose of this grant awarded by ECerS with the financial support of the JECS Trust is to help European students to participate in the Winter Workshop organized by The American Ceramic Society from 19th to  23rd January 2018 at Hilton Daytona Beach -  Oceanfront Resort Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida (USA). 

The ACerS Winter Workshop is designed for ceramic and glass students and young professionals from around the world. The workshop provides a combination of technical and professional development sessions, outstanding networking opportunities, and concludes with a tour of the Kennedy Space Center.

Special registration price of $550 includes both registrations to the Winter Workshop and to the 42nd International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC) 2018 conference that will take place from 21st  to 26th January 2018 also at Daytona Beach, Florida (USA). This international conference is focused on cutting-edge research and product developments in advanced ceramics, armor ceramics, solid oxide fuel cells, ceramic coatings, bioceramics, and more.
A Grant of € 1200 will be awarded to the selected students - Up to 15 grants will be awarded.
Both PhD students and post-docs are eligible but a priority will be given to PhD.

Download the call for projects and the instructions
For the program of the Winter Workshop,for more information or to register, please go to the ACerS Winter School web page.

Deadline: 29th September 2017