09/2020 - Summer School on „Electric and magnetic field-assisted processing of inorganic materials“

This School will be organised online from 14 to 16th September 2020

In recent years, electric and magnetic fields have been increasingly used in combination with temperature to synthesize and process inorganic materials, as well as to modify their microstructure. New opportunities have been unveiled to control phase formation and chemical reactions, to manipulate densification, grain growth and irreversible deformation. Our international summer school, bundling the expertise of well-known scientists, is an initiative supported by the DFG Priority Programme SPP 1959 “Fields Matter”. Providing a three-day platform for interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and networking it is addressed primarily to doctoral students and early career researchers. 

Find out more about the programme on www.fieldsmatter.de.

The school is an ONLINE event and is free of charge. If you are interested, please register via fieldsmatter@fz-juelich.de. Registration is open until 01. September 2020.