10/2019 - you-CGMed

The Workshop for Young Researchers in Ceramics and Glasses for Medical Applications will be held in Madrid, Spain, from 10th to 11th October 2019

Since ancient times the humankind has used the materials for the wellness and the improvement of the quality life. However, it has been in the last decades of the 20th century when the biomaterials field has been developed rapidly. In this field, ceramics and glasses have played an important role, since the first generation of bioinerts ceramics, the following generation of bioactive glasses to the third generation of bioresorbable calcium phosphates.  In the recent decades, the appearance of new sciences and technologies, such as, nanotechnology, tissue engineering and additive manufacturing, have resulted in a new generation of biomaterials and ceramics and glasses have been developed in multiple dimensions and applications. Nowadays, ceramics and glasses are being developed clinical diagnosis, treatment of illness, drug delivering, 3D printing of scaffolds and bioprinting. 

Now we, the Young researchers, we have the opportunity to collect the legacy of knowledge and technology that our mentors pass on to us and join forces for the development of the new generations of ceramics and glasses with medical applications. 

This workshop has been organized with the aim to promote a platform of dialogue and exchange, where you can start to build your own collaboration networks in the field of ceramics and glasses with medical applications.

For more information, please visit the workshop website: https://sites.google.com/view/you-cgmed/