Collaboration with the American Ceramic Society

15 grants have been allowed for ECerS PhD students to go to the Winter Worshop organized by ACerS in January 2016 in Orlando (Florida).

This school has been organized before the ICACC’16 conference (40th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites). 

The awardees that received a grant of 1.500 € for registration and travel are:
  • Galy Ingrid NKOU BOUALA, France
  • Karolina  Łączka, Poland
  • Pablo Gonzalez, The Netherlands
  • Manuela  Fernandes, Portugal
  • Michele Pettinà, UK
  • Claudia Voigt, Germany
  • Giorgia Franchin, Italy
  • Rosa Moronta Pérez, Belgium
  • Joe Flanagan, Ireland
  • Līga Stīpniece, Latvia
  • Tamás Csanádi, Slovakia
  • Inga Narkevica, Latvia
  • Barbara Adamczyk, Poland
  • David Don López, Spain
  • Eszter Bódis, Hungary

A special ECerS delegation has also attended the celebration of this 40th Conference :
  • Prof. Pavol Šajgalík – President,
  • Prof. Anne Leriche – Past-President, 
  • Dr. Francis Cambier (Secretary),
  • Prof. Stuart Hampshire (PEC member), 
  • Dr. Carmen Baudin (PEC member),
  • Richard Todd (JECS Editor),
  • Prof. Dr. Jon Binner (R&D Working group leader).
At this occasion, a special gift was offered by ECerS to the American Ceramic Society President, Jay Singh:

Jay Singh, on the left, with Pavol Sajgalik