ECerS May 2017 Patras Training School

The Training School on “Non living materials meet living Biology” was organised by ECerS from Tuesday 9th to Friday 12th May 2017 at Airotel Achaia Beach in Patras, Greece.

Topics such as Bone structure and properties, cell biology, bone physiology; Biocompatibility; Biointerphase; Processing of materials and final surface characteristics; Scaffold design, processing, biodegradation/resorption; Mechanobiology; Bone Tissue Engineering; In vivo experimental procedures and Surgical aspects  were discussed. 

There were 33 participants from 17 countries :
  • Belgium (1) Croatia (1), Czech Republic (2), France (2), Germany (1), Greece (4), Israel (2), Italy (3), Malta (2), Norway (3), Poland (3), Portugal (2), Serbia (1), Slovakia (1), Slovenia (1) and Turkey (4)
  • 18 female – 15 male

The JECS Trust supported this Summer School for up to 18.000 € (mainly for travel expenses of teachers) and of the COST action MP1301 NEWGEN (300 € reimbursed to each student participating.

The school proposed lectures given by internationally recognized experts and a poster contest was organized: all students were encouraged to participate by presenting a poster of their research/thesis.

High quality courses were given during 4 days by:
  • Theofilos Karachalios -  University of Thessaly, Greece : Current challenges for materials for orthopedic implants 
  • Stephane Hocquet & Francis Cambier - CRIBC, Mons, Belgium : Ceramics and glasses for biomedical applications
  • Moataz Attalah - University of Birmingham, UK : Metals and alloys for orthopedic and dental implants
  • Eamonn de Barra - University of Limerick, Ireland : A general overview of polymers (including cements)
  • Mauro Alini - AO, Davos, Switzerland : Bone: structure and properties, cell biology, bone physiology
  • Artemis Stamboulis - University of Birmingham, UK : What is a biointerphase, and its dynamic evolution
  • Martijn Van Griensven - TU Munich, Germany : In vivo experimental procedures
  • Anne Leriche - University of Valenciennes, France : Scaffold design, processing, biodegradation & resorption
  • Sylvain Gabriele - University de Mons, Belgium : Mechanobiology
  • Aylin Sendemir-Urkmez - Ege University, Turkey : Bone Tissue Engineering, current trends
  • Reto   Luginbuehl - RMS Foundation, Bettlach, Switzerland : Biocompatibility: definitions, in-vitro tests, standards
  • Andreas Panagopoulos -University of Patras, Greece : Surgical aspects