Letter from our new YCN Committee Member, Antonia Ressler, Croatia

Dear Young Ceramists Network members, Firstly, I would like to thank you all for joining Young Ceramists Network and making it the platform for all of us to stay in touch and share opportunities and events.

My story begins with receiving a grant from the ECerS Trust for attending the 2019 ACerS Winter Workshop.  Henceforth, I started to explore more events that are offered by YCN and ECerS. Subsequently, I was amazed by the opportunities and grants provided to young researcher to facilitate the research in ceramics. That led to my decision to be a part of the YCN committee, to participate in the organization and to promote all that YCN stands for. Opportunity was giving but unfortunately I was not selected.

In June, the XVI ECerS Conference was held in Torino and as a part of the conference, student social event was organized by the YCN committee members. The invited speaker, Professor Raul Bermejo, gave us a talk about his successful career through talking about all the failure that he has had. He got rejected several times for the grants that he was applying for and he never gave up. Inspired by his talk, I finally decided to apply again for the YCN committee member position. I received the positive feedback during the Workshop for Young Researchers in Ceramics and Glasses for Medical Applications organized by our committee member Dr. Maria Canillas Perez. 

Joining the YCN, I became more informed about the events and grants for young researchers in the field of ceramics. However, in my opinion the best thing about the YCN is an opportunity to make new friends all over the world and open the doors for possible collaborations between us in the future.

Sincerely yours,
Antonia Ressler

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