Letter from YCN Committee Member, Marie Lasgorceix, France

Once upon a time the YCN... It's hard to describe such a rewarding experience in just a few lines. Four years ago, I was invited by Dominique Hautcoeur and Erkka Frankberg to join the YCN committee. At that time, I was not aware of the great opportunity that was offered to me. I was then realizing it afterwards through all the adventures carried out within this framework.

The activities organized within the YCN and the various meetings gave me the feeling of belonging to a same group. The communication tools developed within the network have made it possible to promote the development and maintenance of the social bond between young ceramists from several countries. I am very happy to have been able to be part of this great adventure. Active participation in YCN actions is truly enriching and I can only strongly recommend it to all young researchers. Now, this great adventure continues without me... And I am extremely happy to see a committee in constant renewal, maintaining this dynamic with young people overflowing with motivation and brilliant ideas leading to very beautiful actions.

My retirement therefore leaves a position for a new recruit, younger, with fresh ideas ;-)