Report on SM2015 Conference for young professionals & students

The 11th Conference for Young Scientists in Ceramics was organized by the Department of Materials Engineering - Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad (October 21-24, 2015).

After three national, this was the eighth international conference since 1998 when the first meeting was held. Every second year, young scientists from all over Europe and World have an opportunity to participate in this event and share their knowledge and present their work in the field of ceramics.

The Conference was very successful with:
13 invited talks (given by well-known scientists who were invited by the organizers); 
2 tutorials (given by Dr. Francis Cambier and Prof. Paula Vilarinho during the Meeting of Young Ceramists Network of the European Ceramic Society); 
1 presentation about latest developments in electron microscopy; 
and about 100 oral presentations (given by early stage researchers). 

There were 138 registered participants from 25 countries (mainly from EU or associated countries, but also from Egypt, Israel, Russia and Ukraine), but a total number of participants was estimated to around 170. 
Ceramic materials were the core subject of the Conference and the main bond between various scientists presenting their research.

This time a four-day Conference dedicated to the young researchers was organized as “The 11th Conference for Young Scientists in Ceramics” with satellite COST meeting “The ESR Workshop of the COST IC1208 Action”. The Conference was opened by Prof. Sneţana Smederevac – Vice-Rector of the University of Novi Sad, Prof. Goran Stojanovic – Deputy Secretary for Science of Province Vojvodina, and Prof. Radomir Malbaša – Dean of the Faculty of Technology. In addition, Prof. Anne Leriche (Immediate Past President of the European Ceramics Society) gave the short description of the European Ceramics Society, Dr. Francis Cambier (Secretary of the European Ceramics Society and JECS-Trust) presented all activities of JECS Trust and Dr. Branko Matović (President of the Serbian Society for Ceramic Materials) greeted the attendees. The mission of the COST was presented by Prof. Biljana Stojanović on the second Conference day as an introduction in The ESR Workshop of the COST IC1208 Action “Integrated devices and materials: A challenge for application of ceramics in ITC”.

Topics were divided in three major sections:
1. Advanced ceramics,
2. Ceramic composites,
3. Traditional ceramics,

with parallel COST IC1208 section entitled:
4. Application of ceramics in ITC

The presentations were organized in 22 parallel sessions divided in the following fields: Synthesis of ceramic powders, Ceramic processing, Ceramics for energy, Engineering ceramics, Bioceramics, Electroceramics, Application of ceramics in ITC, Optics, Catalysts and Traditional ceramics.

It is also important to underline that International Scientific Committee consisted of eminent scientists and offered strong support organizers to keep the high scientific level.

This conference was organised with the support of the JECS Trust.

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