Report on the 1st YCN Webinar “How to get published in scientific journals” by Prof. Richard Todd (Editor-in-chief of the JECS)

The first YCN Webinar took place on November 19 with more than 130 attendees!

We had the pleasure and the honour to welcome Professor Richard Todd, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the European Ceramic Society. He gave a very interesting talk about "How to get published in scientific journals" and share some advices to the young community to improve their paper writing.

It is true that writing for peer-reviewed publication is an important part of our scientific careers. It can be scary for young researchers who are not familiar with this exercice and the different rules applied by editors. Richard Todd brilliantly described these rules and offered some tips. We hope this webinar will help the participants for their future scientific contributions!

The YCN committee would like to thank Prof. Todd for his time and all the attendees for their trust!

See you next month (December 15th) to continue the YCN Webinar series with our second one about sustainability ! More information available here!