Result of the YCN Photo Contest

All young ceramic researchers were invited to submit a microphotograph.... and the winner is...

The winning picture of the YCN photo contest 2017 is "Carbon Conifer" by Ezra Feilden with SiC platelets grown on a carbon fiber. 

2nd place "Scream from the micron world" by Līga Stīpniece

3rd place "Emojis in ceramics" by Ilkan Calisir

Congratulations to the winners.

There have been 17 pictures received from 11 Countries (Belgium, Latvia, Spain, UK, Turkey, Portugal, France, Serbia, Norway, Slovakia and Italy),

Jury composted of 7 young ceramists:

  • Giorgia Franchin (IT, University of Padova; USA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 
  • David Karl (DE, Technische Universität Berlin) 
  • Claudio Ferraro (UK, Imperial College)  
  • Jesus Gonzalez (DE, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH) 
  • Marie-Sophie Renoirt (BE, Mons University) 
  • Daniele Ziegler (IT, Politecnico di Torino) 
  • Maria Canillas Perez (SP, Instituto de Ceramica e Vidrio) 


The winner photo will be the new background image for the YCN-Ceramic Social Club Facebook page.