Short summary of the meeting held at Daytona Beach Wednesday, January 29, 2014 between representatives of ACerS and ECerS

Exchange of Students


An agreement has been found on the way to exchange students between US and Europe under the umbrella of the two ceramic societies. ECerS has already got the financial support for travel and subsistence for European Students (total obtained support: 50 k€ for the next 2 years) from JECS Trust.

On the US side, it is foreseen to apply for similar support from the NSF (National Science Foundation).

ECerS will announce the program of exchanges via 2 calls (Spring and Autumn 2014). The condition to apply will involve the fact that the European supervisor is a member of one of the National Ceramic Societies of ECerS.

Summer (Winter) Schools


The idea is to organize summer schools alternatively in USA and Europe, the first one could be combined with the ECerS 2015 Conference in Spain.

ACerS proposed to organize a School in 2016 (winter school) just before or after the Daytona Beach event.