YCN - Letters from PhD students who got the ECerS “Grant for 2020 ACerS Winter Workshop” - Andreja Žužić

Thanks to JECS Trust, I had an opportunity to attend the “ACerS Virtual Winter Workshop” that was held on 28th and 29th January of 2021.

Although the Workshop was virtual, the organizers have invested a lot of effort to make it interactive and fun. The attendees had an opportunity to hang out in so-called breakout rooms which were created to chat and get to know each other.

As part of the Workshop, several lectures were held on the topics of ceramics preparation and application. Furthermore, there was a very interesting lecture about the use of the different social networks to promote science and make connections. Related to connections, several PhD students from different parts of the world have talked about their student exchange programs and experiences.

Since the Workshop was held virtually due to the current pandemic situation, the emphasis was also on mental health awareness. The attendees had an opportunity to share their thoughts and talk about challenges they have to face nowadays. The Workshop facilitators were very kind and they put a lot of effort to talk with us and teaching us how to find motivation during the PhD and research career.

In the end, I would like to thank JCES Trust for the grant and pleasure to attend this Virtual Workshop. I hope that soon there will be an opportunity to meet in person.

Andreja Žužić
Department of Physical Chemistry
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology
Marulićev trg 20, HR-10000 Zagreb