Young Ceramists Network

The Young Ceramists Network (YCN) is an initiative of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) sponsored by the Journal of ECerS Trust. This non-profit network aims at bringing young students and professionals currently doing research on Ceramics.

  • A network for Young people conducting research on the field of Ceramics (under 40 years old)
  • For young researchers (professional, PhD but also post-doctoral or master students), belonging to European/International research institutions (universities, laboratories...)
  • An interactive website:
  • A Facebook page: YCN Ceramic Social Club

A group of 5 young researchers is in charge of managing the Young Ceramist Network committee

Erkka Frankberg 
Laura Silvestroni 

Maria Canillas Perez 
Marie Lasgorceix
Dominique Hautcoeur

The committee works under the supervision of the Young Ceramist and Training Working Group leader and of one senior ECerS Council member

The new committee members introduced an application to the Journal of ECerS Trust to ask for support for its activities for the next 3 years which was approved by the Journal of ECerS Trust board of July 2016:
  • Marketing tools will be developed in order to make the YCN known: a new website has been launched in 2018; network tools such as Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn will also be used, brochures will be professionally printed and a newsletter will be sent to the members. Oral and poster presentations about YCN have already been presented during conferences, workshops, summer schools, etc.
  • YCN co-organized the “2017 Student Evening” that was held on the A38 Ship on Tuesday 11th July 2017 during the 15th ECerS conference in Budapest. Young ceramist researchers, that is, Master and PhD students including early stage PhD`s were invited to attend and had the opportunity to socialize, interact and discuss their work in a warm and festive atmosphere. A great opportunity to start professional and/or friendly relationships, to initiate collaborative networks and plan lab visits. The newly established YCN committee has presented itself, its activities and the Facebook Ceramic Social Club. Richard Todd, Senior Editor of the Journal of ECerS, made a very interesting talk on "How to write a good paper".

  • YCN co-organized the next Students Meeting that was organised in Novi Sad, Serbia, in 2017.
  • A YCN Network Workshop dedicated to young ceramists will be organized every 2 years and the first one was organised in october 2018.

For more information, please visit the YCN Ceramic Social Club Facebook page or the YCN Website or contact the ECerS secretariat or one of the YCN committee members:

  • Erkka Frankberg -
  • Laura Silvestroni -
  • Maria Canillas Perez -
  • Marie Lasgorceix -
  • Dominique Hautcoeur -