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2022 YCN Student's Evening

The 2022 Student's evening was organised by YCN, with the support of the JECS Trust, during the Ceramics in Europe Conference on Tuesday 12th July at 20:30 pm at Club Studio in Krakow, Poland. 

This event was the opportunity for Young ceramist researchers, that is, Master and PhD students including early stage PhDs to meet new friends, extend the network and to listen to the presentation of Federico Rosei from Centre for Energy, Materials and Telecommunications, Institut National de la Recherche
Scientifique - Canada, entitled “Survival Skills for Scientists”.

After that, the winner of the 2021 YCN “Pitch me your idea” event, Vojtech Necina from the University of Chemistry and Technology - Czech Republic, presented again his winning talk “The power of Fluoride Sintering Additives”.

Finally, the YCN Committee announced the 3 winners of the 2022 YCN Photo Contest:

  • The 1st place was awarded to Christian Bechteler for his micrograph “Petronas Towers”;
  • The 2nd place was awarded to Isabela Reis Lavagnini for her picture “Dandelion-like structures of hydroxyapatite/zirconia composite materials via Flash Sintering”;
  • The 3rd place was awarded to Ana Castellanos-Aliaga and David G. Calatayud for their micrograph “ Vertical Micro-garden ”.



We are looking forward to seeing you on 4th July 2023 during the next YCN Students Evening in Lyon, France! More information will be available soon.

Thank you to all the 174 participants!


Last news

May 31, 2023
YCN Newsletter 17 - Research in Industry - Entrepreneurship in Materials Science by Daniela Gehrisch

Founder of MAF, a material analysis laboratory, is Daniela Gehrisch. She was born in Freiberg and grew up the Ore Mountains in Germany. Having been enthusiastic about maths and physics at school, she decided to look for a place to study in the silver city Freiberg. That's how she found the course in materials science and technology and graduated with a diploma.

May 31, 2023
YCN Newsletter 17 - Research in Spot - Bioceramic bone cements modified with bioglass by Kinga Kowalska

Research in Spot – 3rd YCN Workshop edition - Best online poster presentation

"Bioceramic bone cements modified with bioglass" by Kinga Kowalska


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