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JECS Trust

The JECS Trust was formally set up in December 2007 to oversee the expenditure of funds passed on to the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) by the Society’s Journal and by its publisher, Elsevier.

In its allocation of the Trust’s resources, the Board of the Trust aims:

  • to enable the European Ceramic Society to engage in a broad range of activities for the benefit of its membership;
  • to strengthen research and teaching within the subject of ceramics;
  • to maintain and build on the current strong position of the Journals.

Visit the JECS Trust website to apply or for more information!

Main Guidelines for applications

    Examples of activities supported:

    Applications forms

    Applicants wishing to receive financial support from the JECS Trust should submit their bids electronically to the joint JECS Trust/ECerS secretariat.

    Decision on awards are taken by the Board of the JECS Trust.


    • For General activities: 2 per year: 31st May and 30th November 
    • For Mobility: 4 per year: 28th February, 31st May, 31st August and 30th November

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    ECerS coordinates and promotes the study of ceramics through the following actions :

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