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Dec 20, 2022
ECerS help for Ukrainian Ceramists

In March 2022, the European Ceramic Society and its foundation, the JECS Trust, decided to help the Ukrainian colleagues. 

Dec 14, 2022
YCN Newsletter 15 : Happy holidays and reflection
Dec 14, 2022
YCN Newsletter 15: "Obtaining transparent yttrium-containing ceramics of complex shapes by slip casting" by Dariia Chernomorets

My name is Dariia Chernomorets and I am a second-year PhD student in Materials Science at the Institute for Single Crystals, NAS of Ukraine (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

Dec 14, 2022
YCN Newsletter 15 : Discord announcement

We are delighted to introduce our new YCN platform ! 

Dec 14, 2022
YCN Newsletter 15 : Announcement ECerS Career Fair in Lyon

We are together with the organizers of the conference announcing a Career Fair that will take place during the ECerS 2023 conference in Lyon

Dec 14, 2022
YCN Newsletter 15 : "Exploring the wonders and the nightmares of binder jetting!" by Marco Mariani

Binder jetting of ceramic-based materials is a growing and interesting field of research.

Dec 14, 2022
YCN Newsletter 15 : Story of Isaiah A Moses

Isaiah is a postdoc at Penn State, USA and his research involves data science and development of machine learning models to characterize 2D materials experimental samples.

Dec 1, 2022
Report on yCAM 2022

yCAM 2022 was held from 9th to 11th November 2022 at the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Nov 10, 2022
ECerS 2023 : Abstract submissions and registrations are open!

It is our great pleasure to announce that registrations and abstract submissions are open for the 2023 ECerS biggest event: the XVIIIth Conference and Exhibition of ECerS that will take place in Lyon from 2nd until 6th July 2023!

Nov 2, 2022
Obituary Professor Tomaž Kosmač

Our dear friend and colleague Professor Tomaž Kosmač has passed away in October 2022. 

Oct 20, 2022
YCN Newsletter 14 : New YCN committee member

Dr. Awais Qadir joined the YCN committee as a new member !

Oct 16, 2022
Report on the Shaping 8 Summer School

Prior to the Shaping 8 Conference, a Summer School "A swiss knife for ceramics shaping: Between fiction, hope and vision" was held on September 13th and 14th, 2022 devoted to ceramics processing science.

Oct 16, 2022
Report on the Shaping 8 Conference

The 8th Shaping Conference was organized jointly by the European Ceramic Society and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology Empa in partnership with the Swiss Association for Materials Science and Technology, SVMT, from 14th to 16th September 2022 in Dübendorf/Zurich, Switzerland. 

Oct 13, 2022
YCN Newsletter 14 : From industrial ceramics… back to industrial ceramics ! by Romain TRIHAN

I am Romain Trihan, ceramist and researcher for a long time already !

Oct 13, 2022
YCN Newsletter 14 : Article by Isabela Reis Lavagnini

Conventional sintering is a slow process that involves heating a ceramic body from the outside to the inside using extremely high furnace temperatures.

Oct 12, 2022
YCN Newsletter 14 : Article by Evita Willems

Today ~60% of dental restorations are made of ZrO2 ceramics as they exhibit excellent mechanical properties, are chemically stable, are biocompatible, and have natural aesthetics.

Oct 12, 2022
YCN Newsletter 14 : Farewell to the YCN committee by Erkka Frankberg

The Young Ceramists Network (YCN) was founded on a sunny Saturday on 11th of June 2016.

Oct 12, 2022
YCN Newsletter 14 : Article by Christian Bechteler

My name is Christian Bechteler, I am a DPhil (PhD)-student in Materials at the University of Oxford.

Oct 12, 2022
YCN Newsletter 14 : In the research for new properties of zirconia matrix composites by Carmen Muñoz Ferreiro

3Y-TZP (3 mol% yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals) is a well-known ceramic for its high strength and fracture toughness, along with its biocompatibility.

Sep 16, 2022
Report on ECerS Industrial Working Group (IWG) – Cerame Unie meeting

The meeting was held on 12th July 2022, during the Ceramics in Europe conference held in Krakow, Poland. 

Sep 7, 2022
Report on the 2022 Ceramics in Europe Conference

The Ceramics in Europe 2022 conference was organized in Krakow, Poland, from 10th to 14th July 2022 by The Polish Ceramic Society, the European Ceramic Society, the International Ceramic Federation and the International Committee of Electroceramics.

Sep 7, 2022
Report on the 2022 ECerS Summer School on Sintering

The 2022 ECerS Summer School “Fundamentals and Advanced Technologies of Sintering” took place from 8th to 9th July at AGH University in Krakow, Poland prior to the Ceramics in Europe Conference.

Sep 6, 2022
Report on the 2022 FIRE ECerS Summer School on Refractories

ECO-DESIGN OF REFRACTORIES - E for Ecological, Economic, Eco-energetic - FIRE - ECerS SUMMER SCHOOL for students and industrialists

Sep 6, 2022
Obituary Professor Luc Vandeperre

We recently sadly learned that Professor Luc Vandeperre passed away

Sep 2, 2022
Report on the 2022 AIMed ECerS Summer School

The first AIMed ECerS Summer School was organised by ECerS and the AIMed network at the University of Trieste (Italy), from 13th to 15th June 2022!

Aug 23, 2022
ACerS ECerS - January 2023 Winter Workshop Grant

In the framework of the ECerS International Ceramist Student Exchange Program ECerS presents the January 2023 Winter Workshop Grant.

Aug 1, 2022
Open Ceramics - Call for Papers for forthcoming special issue: ‘Bioceramics’

Bioceramics are currently used in different medical fields, especially in orthopaedics, dentistry, and hard tissues surgery.

May 30, 2022
YCN Newsletter 13 : Tuning thermal conductivity of porous SiC ceramics with additives for thermal energy application by Ying CHUNG

In recent years, capturing and utilizing thermal energy have become the center of focus in several research fields to cope with the issue of reducing carbon dioxide emission.

May 30, 2022
YCN Newsletter 13 : Additive manufacturing of functionally graded ceramic materials by Berfu Goeksel

Since the 1960s, titanium has been the preferred material for dental implants owing to its excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

May 30, 2022
YCN Newsletter 13 : ACerS Winter Workshop Satisfaction and Research Progress on Surface Modification of Refractory Multi-Principal Element Alloys by Brady Bresnahan

The ACerS Winter Workshop took place virtually February 17 and 18 and was the first professional society workshop I attended. Going into the workshop I was nervous, like most people are when meeting new people, and was particularly skeptical about the online format.

Apr 15, 2022
Award on Best Contributions to the Wiki on Ceramic Processing!

The European Ceramic Society (ECerS) is funding through the JECS Trust an award for the best contributions to the Wiki on Ceramics Processing.

Mar 10, 2022
Next Deadline for JECS Trust Call for Projects is 31st May 2022!

Please note that the decisions of the JECS Trust board will not be known before Mid-July 2022 and so the project submitted must not begin before 1st August 2022.

Mar 9, 2022
ECerS Bioceramics Network - Logo Contest!

The newly formed ECerS BIOCERAMICS network is creating its own website and needs an appealing logo to provide its identity!

Mar 8, 2022
Result of the November 2021 JECS Trust Call for projects

31 applications have been submitted to the JECS Trust by the deadline of 30th November 2021: 5 for General activities (conferences, workshops, summer-schools, etc.), 22 for Mobility and 4 for ECerS.

Mar 8, 2022
ECerS Statement towards Ukrainian Situation

ECerS would like to establish a list of the places available in European Labs to welcome Ukrainian Ceramists in order to allow them to continue their work by using equipments, etc.
Please send us your availabilities at :

  • Number of ceramists that can be welcomed,
  • Equipments available at the lab,
  • Preferable research topics.

Financial support could be granted by the JECS Trust.

Mar 3, 2022
YCN Newsletter : Women in Ceramics by Iva Milisavljevic

During my growing up and all the way to my undergraduate student days, I had always been surrounded by strong female role models, whether those were the teachers, professors, or the women who supported me along the way in my education. 

Mar 3, 2022
YCN Newsletter : Women in Ceramics by Marina Ciurans Oset

Plasma Centrifugal Atomization of Cast Tungsten Carbide for Wear Resistant Coatings: Properties and Applications

Oil drilling, ore processing and metal shaping applications, among other, require highly wear-resistant tool materials capable of withstanding harsh working conditions under heavy loads. Transition d-metal carbides containing elements from groups IV-VI are ideal materials for such applications owing to their exceptional physical and mechanical properties.

Mar 3, 2022
YCN Newsletter : Women in Ceramics by Inês Vilarinho

Despite the preponderant role of women in society, only in 1975, the United Nations have started to celebrate the International Women's Day. This was a huge step not only for women’s rights but also to enlighten the society perception on the gender inequality that have always affected women throughout history.

Mar 3, 2022
YCN Newsletter : Women in Ceramics by Anna Alfocea Roig

The Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) has a significant environmental impact. For every kg of OPC produced, approximately 0.81 kg of CO2 is generated. Therefore, it is necessary to search for alternative environmental cements to reduce the use of OPC. 

Mar 3, 2022
YCN Newsletter : Women in Ceramics by Laurie Gaüzère

To the YCN Newsletter reader,

First of all, I want to thank the YCN committee for giving me the opportunity to share my research. My name is Laurie Gaüzère and I am now starting the 2nd year of my PhD at the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux (ICMCB), which is located at the University of Bordeaux in France. I am financially supported by the French National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT) and by the company Galtenco Solutions. 

Mar 3, 2022
YCN Newsletter : Women in Ceramics by Karolina Warchal

I am Karolina Warchal and I work as a Process Engineer in NGK Ceramics Europe SA in Baudour, Belgium. NGK site in Baudour produces ceramic catalyst supports for vehicles. My current work focuses on production process optimization as well as product quality improvement.

Last news

Jul 4, 2024
ACerS is offering travelling grants of 1.500 $ to attend the two 2024 ECerS Summer Schools

The grants can be allowed to undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students from non-European based universities. The 2024 ECerS Summer Schools will be held prior to Electroceramics XIX (Vilnius, Lithuania - School: 17-18 August 2024)  and Shaping 9 (Warsaw, Poland - School: 24-25 September 2024)!

Jun 27, 2024
2024 ECerS International Ceramist Student Exchange Program – 3rd call!

In the frame of the 2024 ECerS International Student exchange program, ECerS is opening a third call, this time to allow grants to European Students to attend the 2024 Fall meeting of Korean Ceramic Society (COEX) that will be organised by the Korean Ceramic Society in Seoul, Korea, from 16th to 18th October 2024.


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