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YCN representative - Egypt

Mohamed Abdelmoula

YCN representative from the Egypt Ceramic Society

Marie Curie PhD Research Fellow-DOC 3D PRINITNG-European Commission

Researcher- Mechanical Engineering Department-Assiut University-Egypt 


Research interest:

Mohamed is a mechanical engineer, obtained his degree at the end of 2011 with distinction and therefore, he was appointed as a Researcher and Teaching Assistant at Assiut University-Egypt in 2013. The following year he started studying his master research about the functionally graded ceramic materials, their application to Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), how to control the thermal stress developed in the cell and enhance the SOFC performance. He received King Abd-ALLAH II award for his excellency in research in 2015.

Besides the research, Mohamed was responsible for teaching many engineering courses for bachelor students.  

In 2016, After finishing his master's degree, He was appointed as Research and Development Director at the integrated Technology Transfer Unit- Assiut University where he acquired a vast industrial background and experience.

Additionally, Mohamed has a good experience in Finite Eleemnt Analysis (FEA), and this enabled him to work as a consultant and online FEA Engineer for different companies.

From 2019, he is part of the Marie-Curie project “DOC-3D-PRINTING” at Gazi University as an Early-Stage Researcher Fellow. He is currently developing additive manufacturing processing of Ceramics focusing on the investigation of process parameters to achieve high-quality ceramic additive manufacturing parts.

After finishing his PhD, Mohamed will be appointed as an Assistant Professor at Assiut University in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

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