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YCN representative - Spain

Álvaro Eguiluz Castro

YCN representative for the Spanish Ceramic Society

Instituto de Cerámica y vidrio - CSIC, calle Kelsen 5, Madrid, Spain


From 2019 I am a PhD student at Institute of Ceramic and Glass (CSIC) developing my research on advance feedstock for 3D printing through Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), one of the most well-known Additive Manufacturing technique. I work in the framework of a national project Additimat in coordination with Rey Juan Carlos University and COOLFEED4Print a start-up which I keep a continuous collaboration. My research is motivated because FFF is limited to processing thermoplastic materials, so it is restricted to polymer feedstock or polymer-based composites with low load of inorganic particles dispersed into the organic matrix. My research is focusing in the processing of high filled ceramic feedstocks and how to characterize them through the use of oscillatory rheology. The understanding of the rheological properties is of great importance to take an overview of the processing conditions during 3D printing in order to get a full ceramic piece processed by a typical polymer-based 3D technology. During these 2 years of predoctoral research I have reach develop many materials. In the biomaterials field, a high load hydroxyapatite filament to print medical porous protheses with the capability of full personalization for the patient. Other example is the filaments of Alumina that allow to obtain full inorganic objects with complex shapes, and finally a material based in Titanium Carbonitride/nanoNickel, one material that is used in aggressive situations that presents a high chemical and wear resistance.

The achievement of this material allows me to obtain a JecsTrust grant to carry out a predoctoral stay of 3 months in the Institut de Recherche sur les Céramique (IRCER) in Limoges, France. During this period, I was able to expand my knowledge and research in additive manufacturing trying my materials in a new technology for me as robocasting of ceramics. Additionally, this opportunity allows me to expand my collaboration opportunities and enrich my networking skills. The achievements during this time has allowed me to be the representative of the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Society in the ECerS Students Speech contest in Novi Sad (Serbia) and enjoy one of the most rewarded experiences of my young scientific career.

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